Thursday, December 24, 2009

Paper Snaps! The Reusable Staple

50 Sheets of paper fastened!

Exploded Paper Snap
The final Paper Snap!

Paper Twists
The second prototype, relying on twisting rather than snapping to attach paper together.
While an improvement over the first prototype, it was decided that the time spent threading the fasteners together would cause the product to lose its appeal over staples.

The first prototype of Paper Snaps.

The current model of Paper Snaps, allowing for a maximum of 50 sheets to be snapped together.

The second version, by using threads instead of rings this model allows for a minimum of two sheets to be fastened together.

These first models of Paper Snaps feature the evolution from a bulky male-female fastener to the thin Paper Snaps that comply with the standard diameter from a hole puncher.

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